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  • Nick Bachan

    Nick Bachan

    I’m a UX writer and content designer at Indeed. I also write & draw things that explore how people engage with emotions, history, pop culture, and one another.

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  • Talia Levitt

    Talia Levitt

    Content designer at Babylon. Approaching the world in a more ambiguous manner. Ambiguous, I know.

  • Molly Whitehead-Jones

    Molly Whitehead-Jones

    Lead Content Strategist in Co-op’s Customer Experience Strategy team

  • Luke Burgis

    Luke Burgis

    Author of “WANTING: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life.” Find more at read.lukeburgis.com

  • Byrne Hobart

    Byrne Hobart

    I write about technology (more logos than techne) and economics. Newsletter: https://diff.substack.com/

  • Laura Simmons

    Laura Simmons

    UX writer @ Virgin Atlantic. Hello gorgeous!

  • Nicole Alexandra Michaelis

    Nicole Alexandra Michaelis

    Writer. Obsessed with dogs, words & David Bowie. Hire me: nicoletells.com. Read me: instagram.com/nicoletells. Listen to me: contentrookiepod.com

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