Working within style guides

An illustration of a man at a desk, holding a pencil and piece of paper. He’s looking down at a laptop on the desk. There are bits of paper and shapes floating around his head.
Image from Vecteezy

Getting started with style guides

Firstly, developing your own style guide is a really useful exercise if you haven’t already. Even if you’re the only content designer at your company and you’ve just started, it can be a good way to record decisions you’ve made and things that work already.

From no style guide…

I’ve worked at various companies with different levels of content maturity. Some with more established style guides, others with nothing at all.

…To a big style guide

Now I’m at HMRC. As part of the UK government, HMRC has strong content maturity and well-established design principles. The Government Digital Service (GDS) has put lots of work into building out the government content style guide and other departments, like HMRC, have contributed in the years since.



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