The content industry has strong opinions around job titles and what they mean. There’s no end of (lovely) articles all about the differences between content designers, strategists, UX writers, and content specialists. Most I agree with, but also I’ve often found the differences small and inconsequential. …

Seven ideas that run through content design.

Yes, I studied art.

“What’s the point?”

Always start with this.


Use simple, common language. Don’t let technical accuracy get in the way of language that users can actually understand.


Make it efficient. Use the least amount of words you can. Edit, then edit again. But don’t compromise on clarity.


Consistency is your users’ friend. It’s less…

How did you get into content design?

I studied design at art school but fell into copywriting. I ended up in editorial and government. There, I joined the Government Digital Service at beta stage. I wanted to change the conversation about what content people were doing. At that time, content editors were very limited in what they…

Hej! I’m Amy Johansson, Senior UX writer at IKEA. You might also know me by my Instagram handle, The Microcopy Enthusiast.

How did you get into UX writing?

Basically, there was a hole covered in leaves and I fell into it. Well that’s the story I like to tell. But the truth is that I’d spent years…

Hello, hello — I’m Kickstarter’s Senior UX Writer. I support all of our product teams and collaborate within research, design, and editorial functions. …

Hey hi I’m Scott Kubie. I’m a writer and designer from Minneapolis, MN. I lead the consulting practice at Brain Traffic, the content strategy consultancy founded by Kristina Halvorson. …

A UX writer’s tips on getting feedback.

With any writing, editing is an important part of the process — but also one of the most difficult parts. For UX design, there’s a similar process. Getting stakeholders involved and ready to sign off on work involves a similar back-and-forth of feedback and changes. …

Howdy! I’m Jonathon Colman and I lead the global content design team at Intercom. I’m a Webby Award-winning content designer and a keynote speaker who’s appeared at over 80 events in 8 countries on 5 continents.

Before joining Intercom, I led UX content strategy for Facebook’s Platform and Marketplace teams…

My name’s Camille Ricketts and I run marketing at Notion, the all-in-one workspace for notes, docs, databases, wikis, and more. Prior to Notion, I ran marketing at First Round Capital, where I pioneered First Round Review, a site that shared extremely tactical advice from operators at major tech companies. …

Most people don’t spend their time thinking about error messages. But UX writers? We think about them a lot.

UX writers use plain, clear language for all their content. And error messages are no exception. In fact, error messages are usually the most in need of a UX writer’s magic.

An error message displaying technical jargon and incomprehensible lines of numbers.

Dominic Warren

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